Business Update: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Lockdown

Cayman National’s priority is to protect the health and safety of our colleagues, their families, and our customers; yet at the same time to continue providing a full range of financial services and solutions to meet customers’ needs. However, we must also comply with the circuit break. Therefore, the decision has been made to close our office temporarily for the planned lockdown period of 21 days.  

Like many other businesses in the Isle of Man, we have contingency plans in place to minimise the disruption caused by a temporary lockdown. Although our office on Hope Street, Douglas will be closed a full service will continue remotely. To assist customers during this period we have put together the following customer guide.

Our working hours

We continue to operate between 9am and 5pm daily. Customers may contact us by email, telephone or by mail, using the contacts details provided below.

Post sent to our offices will continue to be monitored daily and responded to by email/telephone, as required.

Protecting our colleagues and customers

Our staff will be working from home and are properly equipped to do so efficiently, and with the safety of customer data a priority. Customers may contact their relationship manager in the normal way, or alternatively choose to use the departmental email addresses and telephone numbers provided below.  These can be accessed by multiple team members, thereby ensuring any customer correspondence, requests and/or enquiries will not go unanswered. 

To ensure customers are not inconvenienced we encourage them to copy the relevant department into any correspondence with their relationship manager. 

In support of the Isle of Man Government’s circuit break objectives we are not holding meetings in person, although remain available by telephone or email, or can arrange a videoconference call where preferred.    

Making payments

In the current situation many of our customers will be working remotely or from home.  Some may also be in isolation, making it difficult for them to deliver written instructions to us. 

The security of our customers’ funds is of paramount importance to us and we are aware that the pandemic may present fraudsters with an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities.  We are therefore unable to publish specific guidance, but will work with account holders to ensure we agree a secure, pragmatic and timely way in which we can action instructions in order not to cause them (or their own customers) unnecessary inconvenience.

If you are a customer that has been impacted in this way please contact your relationship manager for guidance or, in his/her absence, contact us on one of the helplines below.  In addition, we encourage all customers to be alert to suspicious emails, or phone calls from someone they do not know, purporting to be from Cayman National. 

Signing and sending documents

Whether opening a new account or applying for a loan there will be occasions where there is a need to sign documentation.  In most cases we encourage customers to return these to us signed as scanned documents, with the original ‘wet’ copies following within a reasonable time period. 

If a customer is unable to arrange for a document to be signed (e.g., they are awaiting multiple signatures) he/she may send the partially signed document to us.  We will then provide further guidance or agree an extended time period to allow for the signing to be completed.  

In some cases, we may send a document for signing which will allow the addition of a binding electronic signature.  Full guidance will be provided in such instances. 

Inevitably, some documentation will require formal signing before an action can be undertaken and where this is the case, we will provide further guidance.

Financial support services

We appreciate the potential financial consequences that can result from a period of economic disruption, such as a lockdown. If any of our customers have been adversely impacted financially, we encourage them to contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we may be able to help.

Contacting us

Customers and intermediaries may continue to write to us at our offices at Cayman National House, 4-8 Hope Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2AQ or email/telephone their relationship manager as normal, or via our departmental support services at:

New/general banking enquiries

+44 (0)1624 646900  

Payment requests/queries                          

+44 (0)1624 646900  

Fiduciary services

+44 (0)1624 646901  

Fund custody services

+44 (0)1624 646915  

Other general/non-specific enquiries

+44 (0)1624 646900     


Please continue to check our website for any further updates.



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