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The Isle of Man - Jurisdiction of Choice

Isle of Man Office

The Island is a crown dependency and does not form part of the United Kingdom, although geographically it is part of the British Isles. It enjoys judicial autonomy and financial independence in fiscal matters.

In relation to providing international services it is fully supported by a modern infrastructure.

The Island's financial services sector is diverse, with the main activities being banking, life and captive insurance, fund management, trust and fiduciary business, aircraft and ship management, and ecommerce.

These activities are supported by a professional services sector that boasts international banks, internationally accepted accountancy practices and a wealth of experienced legal firms, plus excellent telecommunication facilities.

The Island is one of the few international finance centres where the government's objectives for economic growth are matched by the physical space and labour resources needed to sustain them.

The population is approximately 85,000 and the land area is 227 square miles.

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