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Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited and Cayman National Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited (together ‘Cayman National Isle of Man’, ‘we’, ‘our’) are registered with the Isle of Man Information Commissioner as data controllers for the purposes of Isle of Man data protection legislation.

This policy explains to users what information we collect from our website, what that information is used for, and how we use cookies to deliver a secure and effective website. This policy only refers to the website of Cayman National Isle of Man, which is located at

For details about information that is collected more generally, please refer to our latest full Privacy Notice, as published on our above website.


Who owns the website?

The website is owned by Cayman National Isle of Man. By submitting information about yourself or others to this website you, on your own behalf or on behalf of others, consent to its use as set out in this policy. We may also record information about the way you have used our website to improve the way in which it operates. 

How do we use information collected through our website?

Personal data that you provide to us will be processed in accordance with Isle of Man data protection legislation. We will only use personal information supplied to us by you via our website to provide you with the services you have requested.

Any communication you enter into with us, or with an individual employee, via our website may be monitored for quality control and security purposes.  

For your added convenience we have included on our website several links to other websites that we think you might find useful. This policy does not cover links to other websites which will all operate their own separate policy, which may differ from ours.

  • by using our website, you are agreeing to our collection and use of any personal information provided to us in accordance with this policy notice and our main Privacy Notice.
  • before providing us with any personal data about a third party you must obtain the consent of the individual concerned and undertake to keep that individual advised about how their information will be used.

How will we share information collected through our website?

Where it is lawful to do so, we may share personal data that you share with us and to ‘Associated Companies’. For this purpose Associated Companies means Republic Financial Holdings Limited, Cayman National Corporation Ltd and any direct or indirect subsidiary thereof, including but not limited to the associated subsidiaries of either Cayman National Isle of Man company.

The information that you supply may be transmitted by any usual means including the Internet.


Our website uses cookies to create the most secure and effective website and to improve the user experience. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies in the manner described in this privacy notice. 

To find out how to control the cookies that are created on your device please see this page. To find out how to delete cookies please see this page. For more information about managing cookies, please see

Cookies created by this website

This website creates cookies, which are referred to as first party cookies as they are specific to the host site that created them. All the first-party cookies which are created do not store any personal or sensitive information, or anything that makes you personally identifiable to us. They are used for essential functionality such as security when processing form data or for analytics which helps us use anonymous visitor data to gain a better understanding of how people use our website.

Session ID

Our web server may create an essential session cookie, which is essential for your use of some of the interactive elements of the website, such as contact forms. The cookie contains a session ID which is a mechanism for distinguishing your visit to our website from any other visitors that may be using the website at the same time. This cookie expires when you leave our website.

Cookie Message

If you click the 'close' button on the Cookie Message that may appear along the top of our website, our web server will create a cookie which is essential for remembering that you have closed this message, and to prevent it from continually reappearing after you have closed the message. This cookie expires after 24 months from the initial 'close' of the message, after which the Cookie Policy message may reappear if you revisit our website.


We use Google Analytics to measure how users interact with website content.

Cookie name Default expiration time Description
_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users.
_gid 24 hours Used to distinguish users.
_ gat 1 Minute Used to throttle request rate

Full details of the cookies which Google Analytics uses can be found in Cookies & Google Analytics in documentation for Google's Analytics tracking code. You can also read Google's Privacy Policy for Google Analytics.

We do not share the data that Google Analytics collects, and we do not believe that our use of Google Analytics is privacy-intrusive. We use the data that is collected in the following ways:

  • to report, in aggregate, how our visitors find and use our website;

  • to understand overall visitor behaviour; and

  • to inform how we update and improve our website.

To opt out of our use of Google Analytics you may wish to consider using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Google Recaptcha

Cookies created: _GRECAPTCHA

Our contact forms use a security feature called Google reCAPTCHA to protect against automated submissions, where users are expected to click an 'I am not a robot' checkbox.

reCAPTCHA sets a necessary cookie when executed for the purpose of providing its risk analysis in order for the security feature to function.

Google Maps

Cookies created: khcookie, NID, SNID and PREF

We use Google Maps on the Contact Us page to provide detailed information on how to locate our offices. We use Google's interactive maps because we believe they provide a helpful way for our visitors to identify how best to travel to us. We use the Google Maps tools on the basis that Google adheres to its privacy policy and its terms of service for Google Maps.


Cookies created: player, vuid

We use Vimeo to server video on our website. When you press play Vimeo will drop third party cookies to enable the the video to play and to collect analytics data such as how long a viewer has watched the video. These cookies do not track individuals. 


Some of our contact forms use a service called Formstack, which is a form builder tool. Formstack generate the forms and forward the submissions to Cayman National. Formstack creates a cookie called AWSALBCORS which registers which server-cluster is serving the visitor. This is used in context with load balancing, in order to optimize user experience.

Other cookies

From time to time we may use additional external services on our website which may create cookies on your device. As we add new services or make changes that use cookies, we will update this cookie policy with the details.

If you have any concerns about the cookies we create or the way we aim to attain consent from you, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

This cookie policy was last reviewed on 6th March 2024

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