Cayman National Isle of Man sponsors 3rd UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Lecture

Guest Speaker, Dr Victoria Hurth is a recognised figure in the field of sustainability, working at the intersection of academia and business to guide companies towards long-term well-being for all. Her insights on sustainability challenge us to re-think our approach to environmental and social governance. Her perspective underscores the importance of integrating individual needs with broader sustainability goals, suggesting that personal well-being and ecological health are not mutually exclusive but interdependent. This holistic view encourages a more inclusive and effective strategy for closing the sustainability gap, fostering a future where both people and the planet can thrive together.

During the lecture, Dr Hurth highlighted the critical need for our natural and social systems to remain viable. She pointed out that in many cases, instead of closing the gap, our actions are widening it by failing to align 'sustainability' with the needs of the individual.

Jim Woodall, Banking Director, said, “We were incredibly pleased to support UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man at this significant event with a renowned expert in sustainable organisation and guest speaker, Dr Victoria Hurth. When someone shares a vision that resonates, it can be a powerful moment and Dr Hurth was able to ignite a spark in the collective imagination of the audience.”

He went on to say, “The event not only fosters community engagement but is a testament to the island’s commitment to sustainability within the Biosphere community.”

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