Yacht Management System

The implementation of the ILO Maritime Convention has resulted in additional liabilities for yacht owning companies who pay their crews directly.

Cayman National can supply a fully automated, multi-currency payroll system with individual payments to crew members outside of the European Union (EU) eliminating any employers EU national insurance liabilities, allowing for increased efficiency and reduced administration schedules.  The system is also expandable to facilitate the creation of a full back office financial and commercial solution.

Our Crew contracts are fully MCA compliant and conform to all maritime employment legislation.  Crew member details are generated from a central data bank which minimises any potential imputting errors.

The sytems also covers all aspects of Superyacht administration, automating and centralising all essential data and administrative requirements , keeping track and recording the Yacht and Crew training and eliminating payroll obstacles. Workflow is eased and data is secured properly.

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