Cayman National employs state-of-the-art fund administration software provided by Global Investment Systems Ltd which is recognised as an industry leader.

Global Investment Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of specialized investment accounting software, headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey with offices in Chicago, IL, and Dublin, Ireland.

GIS designs, develops, markets and supports software packages for the fund administration and alternative investment industries.

MFACT, a fund accounting and administration system for organizations that perform portfolio and financial accounting and reporting for mutual funds, pension funds, and hedge funds;

MSHARE, a shareholder accounting (also known as a transfer agency) system designed for shareholder record-keeping.

MPARTNER, a fully automated back office system for on/offshore entities and fund complexes. Performs fee calculations, allocations, tax accounting and partnership accounting.

Global Investment Systems Ltd. was formed in 1992 following a management buyout from Price Waterhouse. Since then, GIS has grown tenfold and now supports and services clients in 21 different countries around the globe.

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