Investment Management

We will be pleased to arrange Investment Management Services from within the Cayman National Group on either a discretionary or a non-discretionary basis. Please contact us for more information.

Investment Management

Non-Discretionary Management

Our Investment Advisory Service focuses on providing a personalised asset allocation plan.  It will take into account your own personal allocation plan based on your financial objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and financial situation.

We utilise Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to help you to build a diversified portfolio that is the foundation for your investment success. MPT is based on the concept that through intelligent diversification you can protect against many investment risks.  Gains in one investment may offset losses in another.  This reduces the likelihood of incurring significant losses during any market cycle.

Discretionary Asset Management

Cayman National Securities Ltd, has access to top Investment Managers through our existing institutional relationships.  These accounts are appropriate for international investors who desire a custom tailored fiduciary asset management.

The account structure provides access to liquidity without the fees nomally associated with transactional or commission based trading accounts.  The 'Wrap-fee' account arrangement covers all trading, custody, income collection and safe keeping fees.

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