Company Administration in the Isle of Man

Cayman National provides administration services in the Isle of Man for all companies under its management. These include all statutory compliance requirements, and the directors (the officers of Cayman National) will meet to agree matters of policy. Cayman National staff will then perform the day to day administration which arise from the directors’resolutions such as the purchase and sale of assets, collection of income, payment of expenses and liaison with customers and suppliers. Investment management for a company can also be arranged, if required and full banking facilities can be provided in all major currencies.

As it is important that structures set up in the Isle of Man are administered and managed from the island, it is the policy of Cayman National not to delegate any functions associated with the management or administration of a client company to third parties, other than licensed CSP's. Accordingly, only Cayman National personnel or other licensed CSPs can act as directors or officers of a client company. In addition, all assets of a managed client company including the bank accounts are at all times controlled by the local directors as provided by Cayman National. It is the policy of Cayman National not to permit third parties to have signing authority on managed company bank accounts.

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