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With offices ideally located within the internationally renowned aircraft registration locations of the Isle of Man and Cayman Islands, we enjoy a close working relationship with each of the respective Aircraft Registries.

We are able to provide an integral professional solution for owners seeking an appropriate tax efficient structure, including the registration of the aircraft, management and administration services that arise from ownership of such an asset.  We can also provide access to expert advice on legal, tax (including VAT) and technical matters, and ensure proper insurance of the aircraft.

Whilst the Isle of Man is the largest dedicated private and corporate aircraft register in Europe, the Cayman Islands' Aircraft Register remains the register of choice for commercial craft, for the Americas, and for those owners who require a structure located outside the European Union VAT (sales tax) area.  Each jurisdiction has a range of benefits but both maintain high service level and regulatory standards in a stable legal and political environment.


The client base of Isle of Man Aircraft Register is global and the success of the Registry means that the Isle of Man is now home to a world-class group of companies who offer support services for owners and operators of corporate and private jets.  Using the identification system adopted by all the major European aircraft registries, all Manx-registered aircraft will use the M prefix followed by a four-letter suffix.

Cayman National can assist companies to register their aircraft on the Isle of Man and capitalise on a range of key benefits that the Isle of Man Government and Aircraft Registry has implemented:

  • High service levels and Award winning international reputation
  • High regulatory standards
  • Neutral nationality registration prefix allocated by the ITU and notified to ICAO
  • Secure mortgage register
  • No insurance premium tax
  • European time zone
  • Professional infrastructure with experience in aviation finance
  • Clear and simple taxation regime
  • Stable legal and political environment


The Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry was established in 1976 and is the registry of choice for many owners and management companies with corporate aircraft ranging from Cessna Citation, Gulfstream, Embraer, Airbus and Boeing Business Jets.  Standards are rigid and specifications exact to qualify, but this has led to the register being highly respected and recognized throughout the aviation industry internationally. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the statutory body responsible for aviation regulatory oversight throughout the Cayman Islands and for aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands.  The CAA is rated as a Category 1 Aviation Regulatory Authority by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The registration mark ‘VP-C’ is intentionally low profile, which some operators may consider of value when operating in certain high risk or politically instable territories.  Aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands may be operated anywhere in the world, excluding war zones and similar areas.

 Cayman National can assist clients in the registration and management of aircraft on the Cayman Islands register, which offers:

• High service levels
• Tax neutrality – no corporate taxation
• Stable legal and political environment
• ‘Low profile’ registration mark
• Adoption of Cape Town Convention
• Strong mortgage register – Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations 1979

In addition, a customised electronic document management portal is available giving clients the opportunity to have full access to file applications, view documents and upload supporting data.


Working closely with a leading Isle of Man professional Risk Broker, we are able to provide specialist aviation insurance.  Utilising their market knowledge and experience in this field, and our combined understanding of the Isle of Man's unique business environment, Cayman National are well placed to satisfy your requirements for comprehensive and competitive protection of your valuable asset, and the protection of the liabilities of the owning structure.

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