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September 2017

Restructuring of Isle of Man operations


Activities in the Isle of Man are to be split into two companies following a strategic review.

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November 2016

Colin Peters appointed as Banking Manager - Article in Business 365 magazine


Cayman National’s banking services has strengthened its management team with the appointment of Colin Peters as Banking Manager. Colin has been charged with the responsibility for oversight of banking and lending operations and for general business development.

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February 2014

Cayman National joins the Isle of Man Maritime Group


Organisations from the Isle of Man maritime sector have come together, ahead of the International Festival of Business 2014 (“IFB2014”) ,to form the ‘Isle of Man Maritime’ group.

The aim of the IFB2014 is to accelerate economic growth with an ambitious programme of over 100 themed global business events with a target audience of 250,000 business professionals and advisors from over 125 countries. The eventual target is to assist in doubling the UK's exports by 2020.

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December 2013

Our Managing Director , Ian Bancroft reflects on 2013 and the year ahead


The world of international wealth management is changing fast. We support the work done by the Government of the Isle of Man in meeting the multi-faceted challenges and in positioning the Island to benefit in the years ahead. We have seen, over the past eighteen months, a gathering Global momentum towards the automatic exchange of information. Unlike some territories, the Isle of Man has never enacted bank secrecy legislation, although naturally we seek to uphold the highest levels of personal and business confidentiality. We expect our clients' financial arrangements to be properly and professionally structured, and we have not built our business on a model of helping clients to hide their assets. Consequently, we do not expect any adverse impact from these measures other than a further compliance cost burden.

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November 2012

Delegation from Cayman National to Middle East Business Aviation 11-13 December 2012


MEBA is firmly established as a key event on the business aviation calendar.
The next event will be held at Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport – Dubai World Central between the 11-13 December 2012.

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June 2011

Cayman National Appoints Nigel Wardle to Board of Directors

Cayman National Appoints Nigel Wardle to Board of Directors


Cayman National Corporation pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Wardle to the Board of Directors.

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Phil O'Shea appointed to key role within UK National Charity


Phil O’Shea has been appointed Deputy Chair of the National Advisory Board for Crimestoppers, the independent charity dedicated to the fight against Crime.

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May 2011

How Can Clients Have Confidence That Their Chosen Financial Institution Remains Sound? Guest Article by Phil O'Shea , Non-Executive Director of Cayman National Isle of Man


In many ways the huge turmoil which affected the global financial sector in 2008 has abated, with more frequent references to financial institutions returning to profitable operations and with the press highlighting examples of attractive products on offer.

However, closer review highlights that systemic improvements have not been completed, that national economies such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal have been destabilized to a high degree and require external support to pay their debts and that huge amounts of potentially toxic debts remain live, albeit segregated into a controlled “pot”.

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March 2011

Appointment of Phil O'Shea as a Non-Executive Director to Cayman National Isle of Man

Appointment of Phil O'Shea as a Non-Executive Director to Cayman National Isle of Man


The Cayman National Group are pleased to announce the appointment of Phil O’Shea as a non executive director to the boards of both Cayman National Bank and Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited and Cayman National Fund Services (Isle of Man) Limited.

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October 2010

Cayman National Banking Director raises £3500 for local charity


Over £3,500 has been raised for The Children's Centre in Douglas by our Isle of Man Banking Director and 'resident adventurer', Barry Williams.

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July 2010

International Banking Group opens its doors


After many months of preparation, the doors were opened to the public on 19th July, 2010 of the newest bank in the Turks & Caicos Islands, International Banking Group.

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June 2010

Outlook for 2010


Over the past two years we have witnessed perhaps the most challenging economic circumstances seen in our lifetimes. 2009 saw some stability in global markets, with consumer confidence starting to return, and stock markets beginning their road to recovery, however fragile it might turn out to be.

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