Andrew Hardman ACIS

Andrew Hardman ACIS.

Relationship Manager and Senior Officer, Custody Services, Isle of Man

Andrew Hardman is a Chartered Company Secretary with over thirty years experience in the funds and global custody arena.  He started his career in the North West of England and then moved to Jersey with Midland Bank Trust Corporation. Prior to joining Cayman National, Andrew headed the Isle of Man branch of BNP Paribas Securities Services, where he also served as Managing Director and Company Secretary  of its Trust Company. He was for several years a senior manager with RBSI Custody Bank prior to its acquisition by BNP Paribas.

Having moved to the Isle of Man in 1987 to manage a fund dealing operation for an investment arm of TSB Bank, he was subsequently involved in the creation of a sister office in Luxembourg with an interlude as a Director of a Private Trust Company. He has served on a number of local industry and professional bodies including as a Committee member of the Isle of Man Fund Managers Association.

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